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The 3D animation was produced by the Go4Gold fan experience agency. In the NHL, a similar advertisement appeared for the first time in history in May 2022 and for the second time in Prague.


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Škoda Auto a.s. originally used its advertising space during the Prague NHL game, when instead of a classic advertising spot, it offered to surprised viewers on the TV Nova TV screens a spectacular car chase with a giant shark and a predator right on the ice surface of the O2 arena.

All this with the use of the most modern technology and within the framework of mixing reality with the virtual one. The 3D animation was produced by us.

Within the NHL, a similar advertisement appeared for the first time in history this May (here), and for the second time on Friday in Prague.


The fiction was achieved thanks to credible 3D models, as well as special sensors and software from the Czech company ISG.

Despite that, similar advertisements are unique in the world, and they are just getting started in America.

The concept and realization of the almost minute-long virtual animation took several months. In addition to the designers from Go4Gold, the production agency IMA and O2 TV Production also took an important part in it.

It is a unique project in the context of the whole of Europe, nothing like it has been done here before.

This is a completely new way in which brands can present themselves within sports and at the same time bring added value to fans.

Never is too late to step up out of your comfort zone.

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