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The 3D animation was produced by fan experience agency Go4Gold in cooperation with An unusually creative way of presentation was used for the advertising space during the broadcasts.





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The NHL games between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders, as well as between the Washington Capitals and the Toronto Maple Leafs, provided an unusual spectacle for viewers in the United States. This time, an unusually creative presentation was used for advertising space during the broadcasts. SONY Pictures, in cooperation with the leading Czech agency Go4Gold, turned classic advertising moments into a stunning visual experience.

An epic battle between the gigantic “Sewer Dragon” and the iconic Ectomobile, a vehicle from the popular Ghostbusters franchise, took place right on the ice at Madison Square Garden and Capital One Arena. This scene, realized using advanced augmented reality technology, completely captured the audience’s attention and allowed them to experience the movie magic in real time.


We delivered a complete package from the creative concept to the technical implementation in the arena. And the result? Not only did the audience get an augmented reality experience, but they were also part of a legendary battle between two iconic characters.

The fiction has been achieved thanks to credible 3D models, as well as special sensors and software from the German company Netventure. Such advertisements are unique in the world, but they are just beginning in America.

This is a truly unique project, even within the United States, where few brands have been activated in this way.

With this technology, brands have the opportunity to bring completely new and unique experiences to fans as part of their partnership. This approach allows brands to engage audiences like never before, creating memorable experiences.

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