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FIBA Eurobasket

The creation of fan experience animations aimed to get all the fans really excited and give them the unique atmosphere of Eurobasket 2022.





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Four arenas, four countries, and many unforgettable experiences. These are the hallmarks of Eurobasket 2022. Our main goal was to create a unique atmosphere for all matches in Prague’s O2 Arena. Then we brought a great show to the Mecedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

All content has been divided into several categories (FAN ACTIVATIONS, CONTESTS, FAN CAM…). Each category worked as a whole, so the style of animations was in the same spirit for each separately. At the same time, the animations were not repeated during one game day. The fans in the arena saw something new every time.



A show that Eurobasket has never seen before.

In the end, we created over 60 types of animations that were enjoyed by more than 100,000 fans in Prague and even more in Berlin.

Thanks to the cooperation with LiveBros, Prague’s O2 Arena atmosphere was on the level of overseas basketball. European fans also added their skills and pushed the whole event to the very top.

Give your fans a chance to prove themselves.

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