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Czech Olympic Team

Sports festivals in the form of the Olympic Games and incredibly inspiring stories of Czech athletes. For the Czech Olympic Team, Go4Gold built the best YouTube channel among all Olympic Committees and produced hours of content for other successful platforms.


Czech Olympic Committee


from 2016

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Czech Team is one of the most popular sports brands in the country. Thanks to the fact that it shows fans incredibly inspiring stories of Czech athletes. Back in 2016, the Czech Olympic Committee chose Go4Gold as the agency to help deliver these stories.

At the Olympics

The Go4Gold team has participated in several Olympics and other events to bring the stories of Czech athletes to local fans. We did so in a unique, pioneering way – directly from the athletes and often before the television.

The best among the elite

In 2021, Red Torch named the Czech Olympic Team’s YouTube channel as the best channel among all Olympic Committees.

Hundreds of videos produced by Go4Gold have been seen by tens of millions of sports fans, some of which have also appeared in foreign media.

The Olympic spirit is part of us.

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We connect the world of sport, business and fans.

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