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New owners, new challenge! For the most famous hockey club in Prague playing in the O2 arena, we have put together a concept for an elaborate show for home field games.


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A new era for the famous club

Sparta is one of the most successful hockey clubs in the Czech Republic and one of the most iconic European brands ever. Our task was to convey the change in the ownership structure in a way that the hundreds of thousands of fans attending matches in Prague’s O2 arena would immediately recognise.

Go4Gold was approached to bring their vision of in-game entertainment and digital communication style to the table. The brand-new take on audio-visual content aims to entertain the fan at the level of overseas competitions and maximise the fan experience in and out of the arena.

We have created a set of “arena graphics”, a package of graphics, animations and videos for home field matches, to stand above the seasonal campaigns and be up-to-date for several years. We have developed the Spartan visuals into two levels  branded flat animations and 3D neon creatives.

Brand video

Our videos regularly win competitions for the best promo videos.

The whole system was designed to represent the Sparta's identity philosophy - NEZASTAVÍŠ (WON'T STOP).

Sparta Backstage

In the 2020/21 season, in cooperation with our club partner, we implemented a unique project called Sparta Backstage. During the knockout fights our cameras followed the team 24/7. 

In the arena, at practice and at home. But what was quite exceptional was that we published the results almost in real time! Fans who were not allowed into the stadiums because of the coronavirus pandemic were thus living the story with the team.

The project won the Ice Clapper Award (Ledová klapka) for the best reporting format in Czech hockey.

New mascots

Prior to the 2020/21 season, we revived the new mascots Spartak and SpartaX, which have become an important part of the club’s communication.


Fan Experience

We are working with Sparta to turn their matches into a product that is attractive not only for hard core hockey fans, but for everyone who wants to enjoy real and intense entertainment in the vibrant capital city.



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