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Despite its huge popularity, Czech biathlon did not have a visual identity until now, and the logo was more provisional. A few years ago, the historical association symbol was merely accompanied by the inscription “Czech Biathlon.” The new visual identity made by Go4Gold, starting from the 2023/24 season, brings to fans and athletes themselves a new modern face, unifies all communication, and allows the expansion of the fan shop with more attractive products.


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The new logo of Czech Biathlon association is accompanied by symbols of shooting and cross-country skiing, which together create a biathlon background. In the new visual identity, biathlon is simply everywhere.

The new initiative is a single visual system and setting of a visual communication style. In it, besides the completely new font “Fast and Accurate” with biathlon-themed letters, we have primarily focused on the use of distinctive national colors.

Over the last decade, Czech biathlon has become one of the most-watched sports in the Czech Republic. The great community of fans around biathlon deserved this new identity. The Go4Gold team worked on its preparation together with the biathlon association for almost a year. Great attention was paid to the actual introduction and communication of the logo. For this purpose, a separate website was created, which presented the reasons for the rebranding in detail. The launch of the new identity then took place at a pre-season press conference.

The rebranding also naturally extended to the team’s merchandising, into which the new visual identity was imprinted.


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